Kime 4 Kids Ry

Kime 4 Kids – For children and adolescents.

The purpose of the association is to financially and ideologically support the health and sports activities of young children and adolescents in the region of Kuopio, and also lend a helping hand to the care of sick children.

The association organizes sports events, camps for kids and adolescents, outings and parties. It also supports care of sick children and assists in providing training opportunities for young people in the region.

The association can receive support for its funding by donations, grants and wills. In addition it can organize lotteries, collections, sales and fund raising events to collect funding.

Your support is needed!

Kime 4 Kids -summer event is held 11th time. This year’s charity target is Kuopio University Hospitals Children- and Adolescent psychiatry.

Come to play and support a good cause with Kime and other hockey stars!